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Fuel And Oil

Fuel and Oil
Lubrication System Dry sump  
Oil Type and Grade SAE 2OW40 type SE motor oil 
Periodic Oil Change 2.0L 1.8 Imp qt, 2.1 US qt
WiTD Oil Filter Replacement 2.1L 1.9 Imp qt, 2.2 US qt
Total Amount 2.4L 2.1 Imp qt, 2.5 US qt
Air Filter Dry type element  
Tank Capacity 15.0L 3.3 Imp gal, 4.0 US gal
Reserve Amount 3.0L 0.7 Imp gal, 0.8 US gal
Air Filter Oil Grade (Oiled Filter) SAE 1OW30 SE motor oil