Common Parts

This table contains a list of common parts shared with other Yamahas. Most of this information has been gleaned from several catalogues, and mainly consists of consumable items. If you know of any other common parts, such as wheels (RD350YPVS) forks etc, I would be interested in hearing from you.
 Part Bikes  Comments
Front Disc RZ250R, RD350R, RD350N, RD350 F/F2, RD350 YPVS, SRX400(1JL), XS400 DOHC/12E/YICS, XZ550, FZ600, XJ600, YX600S-AC RADIAN, XJ650L SECA, XJ650T TURBO, FZX700 S-TC FAZER, FZ750 (87-88), FZX750 FAZER, XV750 VIRAGO, XJ900F, XV1000 VIRAGO, XV1100 VIRAGO Drilling/Slot patterns may vary.
Rear Disc SRX400(1JL), XJR400, FZR400, FZ600, FZR600, FZR600R, FZS600 FAZER, YZF600R THUNDERCAT, XJ600, XJ600S/N DIVERSION, YX600S-AC RADIAN, XV750 VIRAGO, YZF750R-R/SP, TDM850, TRX850, YZF1000R THUNDERACE, YZF-R1 Drilling/Slot patterns may vary.
Rear Caliper 1991 FZR1000 Information courtesy of Leo - Holland
Front Caliper 1990 XJ600 / Radian Information courtesy of Leo - Holland
Regulator/Rectifier XT550  
Fuel Cap TZR125, TZR250, RD350F/R, FZR400R, FZ600, XJ600S/N DIVESION, FZR600, FZR600R, YZF600R, FZ750 GENESIS, YZF750R, TRX850, TDM850, XJ900S, FZR1000 EX-UP, YZF1000R, FJ1200  
Clutch Lever XJ600, FZ600, RD350F1 YPVS, RD125LC Mk2-3, TZR125,XJ900S, XJ900F  
Front Brake Lever RD350 F1 YPVS, RD350 N1/N2/F2, RD500LC, FZ600, XJ900, FZ750, FZX70 FAZER, FZR750R, XJ900F, FZR1000 GENESIS, FJ1100, FJ1200  
Oil Filter
XV 125 VIR. 5AJ (XV125),SR 250 SE (3Y8), XV 250/S (3LS) (3LW), XT 250 (3Y3), XV 500 SE (26R),  SR 500 (2J4), SR 500 (48T), SR 500 (48T'91-), XT 500 (1U6), XV 535/S (4KU) (4MC), XV 535 /S (2YL) (3BR), XV 535 /S (2YL) (3BT), XZ 550 (11U), XT 550 (28E), XT 550 (5Y3), TT 600 (36A), TT 600 N (59X), TT 600 R (TT600R), XT 600 (2KF), XT 600 E (3TB'96), XT 600 E/K (3TB), XT 600 E/K (3UW), XT 600 Z (1VJ), XT 600 Z (3AJ), XT 600 Z (34L), XT 600 Z (55W), XT 600 (2NF), SRX 600 (1XL), SRX 600 (1XM), XVS 650 CLASSIC (XVS650A), XVS 650 DRAG ST (4VR)
XTZ 660 (3YF), XTZ 660 TENERE (4MY),  SZR 660 (4SU), XV 750 VIRAGO (4FY), XV 750 VIRAGO, (4PW), XTZ 750 (3LD), XTZ 750 (3WM), XV 750 SE (5G5), TDM 850 (3VD), TDM 850 (4CM), TRX 850 (4UN), XV 920 K (24M), XV 1000 (19T), XV 1000 SE MS (23W), XV 1000 TR1 (5A8), XV 1000 VIRAGO (2AE), XV 1100 VIRAGO (3LP)
Information courtesy of Anders Nilson
Tail-light TDR250 Information courtesy of Dierk Schmidt
Wheels ?  
Clip-Ons ?  
Forks ?