Other Parts

There are a number of other minor differences which dont warrant photographs.
  • 1JK Models aren't stamped with an engine number.
  • 1JK model has different indicators. The 1JK items are slighlty shorter and the bulbs of the 1JK version have 2 filaments. 21watts and 5 watts. When the headlight is switched on, the 5w filament is also on. When indicating a turn and using the flasherswitch, the flashlight functions normally, using the 21 watt filaments. Unplugging the blue wires coming from the front indicator lights disconnects the 5w filaments (Leo - Holland)
  • The electronic ignition units are different. The alternator from both bikes is interchangeable, however the CDI on 1XL model has extra wires for the sidestand cutout. This would make it difficult to swap them between models