3VN Chassis

The following details apply to the later (90 onwards) monoshock SRX400 (3VN). I would like to thank Bruce Glithro who was kind enough to supply the following information which was translated from the Japanese language SRX400 manual.
 SizeSolo PressureLoaded Pressure
Front110/70R17 54H 29psi29psi
Rear140/70R17 66H 33psi36psi

If you use Bridgestone Battleaxe BT45 tyres, then the pressures are 33psi front and 36 psi rear.



376cc 10wt

Air gap

159mm without springs

Spring Free Length

436mm Limit 427mm

Dust Seal Part No


Fork Seal Part No


Fork Seal Spring Part No


Hagon do replacement springs for the SRX600(3SX) model which fit and a lot firmer than the standard items.

Drive Chain
138 links of 428 chain
Front sprocket17 teeth (3GV 17)
Rear sprocket50 teeth
Chain slack15 - 20 mm

Spark plugNGK DPR8EA-9
Spark plugGap0.8-0.9mm 30-36 thou
BatteryYTX9-BS 12V8AH rating
Main fuse20A

Ignition System
Primary coil resistance3.4 - 4.6 Ohms
Secondary (main) coil resistance10.4-15.6 K Ohms
Pick up coil resistance184-276 Ohms