3VN Engine

The following details apply to the later (90 onwards) monoshock SRX400 (3VN). I would like to thank Bruce Glithro who was kind enough to supply the following information which was translated from the Japanese language SRX400 manual.
Engine Servicing

Oil Drain


Oil Drain + Filter


Oil Engine Rebuild


Oil Filter Part No

4X7-13440-90 (same as TDM850)

Measure the oil level after taking the bike for a ride, switch off, remove the dip stick, and measure by replacing and not screwing it in.

Air filter Part No


Inlet Valve Clearance (cold)

2 - 4 thou (0.05 - 0.10mm)

Exhaust Valve Clearance (cold)

4.5 - 6.7 thou (0.12 - 0.17mm)

Float height7 - 9mm
Tick over1300rpm
Pilot mixture screw3 turns out

Power33PS at 7000rpm
Torque3.4kg/m at 6000rpm