3VN Common Parts

Parts Common to UK spec SRX600
DescriptionPart Number (1XL)
Inlet Manifolds1JK-13586-01 and 1JK-13596-01
Choke Cable Section A1JK-26331-01
Choke Cable Section B1JK-26334-00
Choke Cable Link53l-26261-01
Air FilterUnknown
CV Carb Slide DiaphragmUnknown
Headlamp Shell1JK-84330-00-93
Headlamp Brackets1JK-23121-00 1JK-23131-00
Petrol Tap1JK-24500-00
Rear Light Lense53V-84721-40
Speedo ConsoleUnknown
Note: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the above list. This list will hopefully increase in size with time. If you have any suggestions please let me know
Thanks to Phil Fowles for contributing to some of the above

UK Dealers able to supply Parts
Carb Diaphragms
unit 2,
Station approach,
Victoria Station Concourse,
M3 1NY
tel / fax 0161 832 8646.
Genuine and Pattern Parts
DK Motorcycles
tel 01782 250177
email sales@dkspares.co.uk
Both 600 and 400 such as gasket sets and replacement pistons / rings etc.