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These pages are dedicated to the Yamaha SRX600. They have  been constructed as an aid to owners of European Specification  SRX600's (1XL), who do not have access to the genuine Yamaha workshop manual. I have carried out a limited number of checks but I cannot guarantee that the information contained within these pages is 100% accurate.

You must therefore use the information on from this site at your own risk.

SRX600 (1JK) Monoshock conversion blog update

Sun 19th April 2015

Rear m/cyl moved to suit FZR footrests and pannier frames roughly fitted
Fri 17th April 2015

New shiney bits :-)
Mon 13th April 2015

Stuff To Do before August

Mount Battery
Mount CDI
Mount Rectifier
Move Rear Brake Master Cylinder
Rear Brake Hose
Machine Suspension rocker spacers
Mount inner mudguard
Pannier Frames
Modify Wiring harness
Complete Inner mudguard
Front Brake Hose
Front Master Cylinder
Number Plate Holder
Air Filters
Lock Bracket
Rear Caliper
Gear linkage
Rear Indicators
Brake light switch
Seat catch release
Right and footrest - not sprung

Powder Coat
Paint Tank, Fairing, Seat Unit, Front Mudguard
Aqua blast
Seat Cover

Handlbar switches
Sun 12th April 2015

Light fitted
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