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These pages are dedicated to the Yamaha SRX600. They have  been constructed as an aid to owners of European Specification  SRX600's (1XL), who do not have access to the genuine Yamaha workshop manual. I have carried out a limited number of checks but I cannot guarantee that the information contained within these pages is 100% accurate.

You must therefore use the information on from this site at your own risk.

*** I have been contacted by a regular visitor to the site. He has owned a twinshock SRX600 for a number of years, but a recent knee injury has meant he is unable to kickstart his current bike. He is therefore looking for a late Monoshock SRX 600 (3SX) with the electric start. If you have a suitable bike for sale then please contact Raphael Megard through the SRX600 Facebook Pages ***

SRX600 (1JK) Monoshock conversion blog update

Thu 11th February 2016

Shiney bits

Just got my plated parts back from Griff's in Bristol. Chuffed

Sun 2nd August 2015

Build progressing
Not very exciting but I used an old HTC phone to capture the build. Some bits. like when I was trying to find the handlebars, were edited out.

Wed 22nd July 2015


This involved a lot of preparation work but  I am really chuffed with the finished article. Digger Seats in Newport did the cover.

Tue 7th July 2015

Parts now off for powder coat in Bristol.

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