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SRX Exhaust Systems

Bearing in mind the average age of most SRX600's it is not surprising that so many bikes are fitted with alternative silencers. The standard silencer is very compact and effective at its job, it is however prone to rust and rather restrictive. What I have tried to do on this page is to compile a collection of exhausts systems that can currently be bought in the UK, along with a few pictures of custom made systems. 
I have also attempted to modify the standard silencer click here for details. This is effective and retains some of the original bikes character but is hard work and not for the feint hearted.
Single cylinder bikes are difficult to silence effectively and efficiently. The key seems to be in producing a system which has a large volume, in which the hot exhaust gases may expand into. Allowing the gases to expand internally means that the silencer has less work to do and may be designed to allow higher flow rate without producing excessive noise. As with all things in life there is a trade of between noise and tuning potential. Any system that is quiet enough to pass the UK noise regulations is unlikely to produce significantly more power than the standard system. (Were this possible then Yamaha would have done so in the first place).
This shouldn't be considered a comprehensive guide to all existing exhaust systems for the SRX. I have attempted to detail the systems I have seen and heard of. If you can provide further information on other systems then I would be grateful.
The information on this page is for reference purposes only. Please check specifications with suppliers before handing over your hard-earned cash
Model OE Equipment
Material Painted Steel
BSI/E11 Stamped Yes
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Quiet
Availability Unknown
Contact Your friendly local Yamaha Dealer
Bearing in mind the limited space available the standard system works well. It manages to combine effective silencing with and attractive shape. On the downside it is rather heavy, (try dropping one on your foot) and is prone to rust. If your bike is standard and you dont mind the hassle or removing the silencer to paint it occasionally, then the OE system is hard to beat. 
Model Future Vampire Vampire Carbon
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless  Steel and Carbon Fibre
BSI/E11 Stamped Yes No No
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Quiet Acceptable
(with dB killer)
(with dB killer)
Availability  5-6 weeks
Contact BSM (manufacturers)
The BSM system is manufactured in stainless steel and is supplied complete with header pipes and an expansion box situated underneath the engine. The system also comes with an adapter which allows the silencer to be fitted in one of two positions. (shown opposite).
The systems seem to be of a high quality and are popular on the continent.
The Future silencer is a reflective silencer which is EU stamped and as such should produce a similar level of noise as the standard system. The Vampire silencer is an absorption type silencer which is relatively noisy but can be improved by the use of a dB killer which fits into the end of the silencer.  
Having waited 10 weeks for my system to arrive I am now quite pleased with the system, it seems to have cleaned up the carburation and has quite a nice rasp to it. One or two of the fittings are poor but overall this is a good system.
Model Road Race
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
BSI/E11 Stamped Yes No
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Quiet Unknown 
Availability From Stock
Contact Predator (manufacturers) +44 (0)1707 273936
Having now seen this system fitted to Ken Greens bike, I am quite impressed. The noise from the road legal can is quite fruity and the system seems to be well put together. I would like to thank Frank from Hamburg for allowing me to use his photographs http://www.srx6.de
Model Road Clubman Race
Material Stainless Steel (100%) Stainless Steel (100%) Stainless Steel (100%)
BSI/E11 Stamped Yes No No
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Quiet Unknown.
Probably Acceptable
Probably Noisy
Availability Made to order. Less than 10 days
 I have not seen or heard this silencer but it is one of the only systems which attempts to replicate the look of the standard silencer. The systems are manufactured from non-magnetic grade 304 stainless steel (This allows system to be easily repaired modified in the future) and are packed with  stainless steel wool which will withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees Centigrade and should never require repacking. The systems are built to order so it is possible to request modifications when ordering.
Model Slip-On Full System
Material Stainless Steel  Aliminium/Steel
BSI/E11 Stamped No No
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Acceptable/Noisy depending upon number of discs Acceptable/Noisy depending upon number of discs
Availability Unknown
Contact ThumperStuff(USA)
SuperTrapps are relatively cheap and seem to be quite popular in the USA. The noise produced by the system can be altered by varying the number of discs fitted to the end of the silencer. The basic premise is less discs equals less noise and more mid-range (back pressure), more discs equals more noise and more top-end. These systems seem to be fairly noisy and need regular repacking.
Model Unknown
Material Cast Aliminium / Steel
BSI/E11 Stamped Unknown
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Acceptable (Apparently)
Availability Unknown
Contact Unknown
I know very little about this system. I was shown a picture of this system by a mechanic at Hooglands (Holland). Apparently the system is very efficiently and produces good power without being excessively noisy, the secret to its success is the volume of the aliminium casting underneath the engine. I have not seen one of these on a bike, but I have to say they don't look very pretty in the few pictures I have seen. Apparently Yoshimura stopped producing this system in the early nineties, your best bet if you wanted one would be to source a secondhand one from Japan.
Model Unknown
Material Unknown
BSI/E11 Stamped Unlikely
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Noisy (Very)
Availability Unknown
Contact http://www.over.co.jp
Again I know very little about these systems. Anders Nilson was good enough to send me the URL. Over have a reputation for high quality but at a price. I particularly like the 2-2 system. 
After seeing and hearing one of these systems at the UK Thumper Club rally, I would not recommend one for road use, they are very very loud.
Model Custom Made
Material Stainless Steel
BSI/E11 Stamped Unlikely
Quiet/Acceptable/Noisy Acceptable (According to Chris)
Availability Unknown
Contact http://www.renegade-products.com
0044 (0) 1474 852 255
Chris Scott had this system made by Renegade in the UK and was very impressed by the service. The single can apparently sounds very nice. They can also supply a twin pipe system for around 450
Japanese Home Market Systems
SP Tadao
For Monoshock SRX400/600 parts
Harada(Honda/500) and Nakano(Yamaha/500) rode for a team sponsored by this company.
Winning Run
For Twin Shock
Silencer is hidden under seat like a Ducati 996
Moto Craft
For Mono Shock SRX and Twin Shock
System for monoshock SRX