Grey Import Models

This page is an attempt to describe the SRX models available in the UK as grey imports. Where possible I have tried to identify the key differences beween the models and some of the less obvious changes based on information gleaned from the parts lists. The page is a guide it should NOT be considered a definitive list of differences between the models.
ModelFrame Number
SRX600 1JK1JK - 000101 ->
SRX400 1JL1JL - 000101 ->
SRX400 1JV1JL - 015101 ->
This model is the closest to the UK 1XL model, and whilst there are a number of key differences many of the parts are interchangeable between the models.
The main identifying features are:
  • Twin shock rear suspension, unlike the 1XL the shock absorbers have seperate reservoirs at the bottom of the shock body. The rear swing arm differs in that the mount for the rear brake hose has a push in grommit to hold the hose in place.
  • Twin 267mm front discs on the 1JK and 1JL models, the earlier 1JL (400) has a single 267mm disc. The brake calipers have the same part numbers across these models (including 1XL).
  • Wheels are of a flat three spoke design similar to, but heavier than, those on the 350YPVS.
  • The wiring harness and CDI differ from the 1XL model in that the import models do not have a sidestand cutout and has and wiring for the red speed indicator on the console.
  • Front forks have air caps to allow preloading.
  • Frame has rear grab handles welded to the frame and no provision for frame mounted pillion footrests.
ModelFrame Number
SRX600 2NX1JK - 010101 ->
SRX400 2NY1JL - 029101 ->
This model is similar to the 1JK/1JL the main visual differences being the wheels and brakes.
The main identifying features are:
  • Twin shock rear suspension, the shock absorbers again have a remote reservoir, but the design is slightly different. The rear swing arm is the same as that fitted to the 1XL with a single bolt for mounting the rear brake hose.
  • Single 320mm front disc. Note: this disc has very little offset and is different from that found on a number of other Yamahas. Calipers have four pistons.
  • Wheels are of a hollow spoke design with machined faces. The front tyre changes from a 100/80-18 to a 100/90-17 and rear wheel stays the same at 120/80-18
  • Front forks differ from the twin disc model, the stanchions have the same part number as the earlier bikes. The lower fork legs differ in that the caliper mounts have different centres.
  • This model has frame mounted pillion footrests, unlike the steel hangers on the 1XL model the footrest hangers are cast aliminium.
  • 5th gear ratio changes from 26/21 (1JK) to 24/19(2NX)
  • Gearbox output shaft has a different spline pattern and the sprocket is retained by a single large nut.
  • For frame number 012302 onwards the cylinder head and barrel are of a different design and are the same as those on the the later Monoshock models.
ModelFrame Number
SRX600 3GV11JK - 020101 ->
SRX400 3HU11JL - 045101 ->
This model is very similar to the 2NX/2NY model.
The main identifying features are:
  • Indicators change from plastic to an alloy design.
  • Most of the internal engine component have different part numbers.
  • The cylinder head and barrel are of a different design and the same as those on the later Monoshock models.
  • 5th gear ratio stays the same at 24/19
  • Gearbox output shaft retains the same spline pattern but the sprocket design changes.
ModelFrame Number
SRX600 3SX13SX - 027101 ->
SRX600 3SX23SX - 037101 ->
SRX400 3VN13VN - 064101 ->
SRX400 3VN23VN - 086101 ->
This model is a complete redesign, apart from some engine components there is very little in common with previous models.
The main identifying features are:
  • Mono shock rear suspension, not rising rate, extruded aluminium swing arm.
  • Single 320mm front disc
  • Wheels are hollow three spoke, similar to the FZR design. Both whels are now 17" the front being 110/70-17 and rear a 140/70-17
  • Front fork diameter increases from 36mm to 38mm
  • Frame is similar in profile are not interchangeable with earlier models.