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Camshaft Range Limit
Camshaft dimensions diagram Drive Method Chain (Left)      
Cam Cap Inside Diameter 23.000-23.021mm 0.9055-0.9063in   
Camshaft Outside Diameter 22.967-22.980mm 0.9042-0.9047in   
Shaft to cap Clearance 0.020-0.054mm 0.0008-0.0021in   
Intake Lobe(s) "A" Tolerance 36.47-36.57mm 1.436-1.440in 36.42mm 1.434in
Intake Lobe(s) "B" Tolerance 30.06-30.16mm 1.183-1.187in 30.01mm 1.182in
Intake Lobe(s) "C" Tolerance 6.41mm 0.252in    
Exhaust Lobe(s) "A" Tolerance 36.62-36.72mm 1.442-1.446in 36.57mm 1.440in
Exhaust Lobe(s) "B" Tolerance 30.11-30.21mm 1.185-1.189in 30.06mm 1.184in
Exhaust Lobe(s) "C" Tolerance 6.51mm 0.256in    
Camshaft Runout Limit 0.03mm 0.001in    
Cam Chain Type 75-010      
Number of Links 126      
Cam Chain Adjustment Method Automatic